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Eyelid Surgery

As we age our eyelids change just like the rest of our bodies. They may turn in, entropion, or turn out, ectropion. Sometimes the upper eyelid skin my sag, dermatochalasis, or the upper eyelid itself may droop, ptosis. Blepharoplasty is the name of the procedure most commonly used to treat drooping eyelid skin. If your vision is affected, your insurance company may pay for correction of your drooping eyelids.

Skin cancers may occur on the eyelids as well as the rest of our face or skin, necessitating surgical excision and eyelid reconstruction. Chalazions or styes are common eyelid inflammatory reactions that my require surgical excision when unresponsive medical therapies. The surgeons at Athens Eye Associates are trained in diagnosis and treatment of these and other eyelid pathologies. Contact our office for an evaluation with one of our physicians.

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We specialize in cataract surgery, premium lens implants, macular degeneration, glaucoma treatment, and diabetic eye care. We would love to become your vision care provider. We accept most insurance plans. We also offer extended hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And we are open on the first Saturday of every month from 9 am until 1 pm for your convenience.

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