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Low Vision Rehabilitation

Low vision or visual impairment refers to a decreased level of visual functioning where glasses, contact lenses, medicine, and/or surgery are unable to correct the vision loss. This loss often impacts the day-to-day activities, independence, and quality of life of the individual as well as their family and friends. Low vision can be the result of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, brain injury, or a multitude of ocular conditions.

Low vision rehabilitation (LVR) involves a multi-disciplinary approach to address the needs and goals of the visually impaired, which can include but is not limited to eye care specialists, occupational therapists, orientation and mobility specialists, and other assistive groups and organizations. LVR does not cure the cause of the vision problem but rather utilizes the remaining vision to its fullest potential.

Following a comprehensive ocular examination, if a patient meets particular qualifications for low vision rehabilitation, the patient will be scheduled for a Low Vision Examination with optometrist Dr. Eric M. Johnson. Dr. Johnson will utilize advanced examination techniques and a goal oriented assessment to help the individual achieve better functionality and independence. These goals may be achieved with low vision devices such as magnifiers, digital magnification devices, contrast enhancing lenses, telescopes and/or visual modification techniques. OT and O&M specialists may be included in the treatment to provide the best possible outcome for the patient.

Dr. Johnson graduated with honors from the New England College of Optometry. His low vision training included rotating through The Perkins School for the Blind and working with visually impaired pediatric patients. He also rotated through the Veterans Affairs Hospital Low Vision Clinic in Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts, working with disease-related and injury-related visual impairment and advanced low-vision techniques. He received honors at both clinical sites. As he moves forward, Dr. Johnson hopes to continue to advance his knowledge and expertise in the field of Low Vision Rehabilitation.

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